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I'm Clarissa ;)

And I'm in love with PANC (Unconventional Edible Plants) - despite the fact that in the photo I'm holding a FANC (Unconventional Edible Fungi).


I discovered PANC about 6 years ago, and since then, I haven't been able to get these little bushes out of my head, or out of my life!


I live learning, experimenting, forraging, and working

with them. It's a true journey of tests, successes and

discoveries ;)


Check the recipes here .

And to share all this a little bit, I set up an information exchange group for PANC. Anyone who wants to enter, just arrive!




And our story?

Well, our story is huge... And it also goes through a great love story. Love for the PANC, for the family, for the environment and for the future.

When I met PANC, I understood that I was going to have to change my life, completely. Because it couldn't be a part-time job, I needed to experience everything PANC already meant to me.

Anyone who understands PANC has already found themselves looking at the floor and the neighbor's wall thousands of times. And with me, it was no different! I only needed more, I couldn't think of anything else but PANC.

And the process of living in the countryside began. Felt in love for an organic farmer, learned everything from him, we learned together. How to transform our kitchen into a laboratory, how to domesticate and get knowledge of more and more PANC ando other biomes.  

It was a turning point in life, a total transformation, an immense need to be sure if the PANC could really represent the future: the future of people, we as a family, and as food for the next generations.

"Perrengues", pandemic, dozens of recipes and hundreds of PANC studied... And here we are! Come find out!!  


After trying to sell PANC "in natura", we realized that one of the main reasons for not having more biodiversity in our plates was a problem called "shelf-life".

And what would that be? "Shelf-life" is the time that a product is available on the shelf until consumption in your home. And PANC have no "shelf-life", most of them need to be consumed right after harvest. And now?

That's when I considered getting back into the kitchen (professionally). Return to all the knowledge acquired, before being a mother, with agroecological, organic, vegan, "live" and restrictive food. But it was necessary that the work in the kitchen still allowed me to be a mother of four small children.

-Ops... What do I do?

So, I thought of a way to create products that could allow me flexible working hours - not like a restaurant demands. That's how the pots and PANCS Brasil were born. As the first company to benefit PANC!

And all that because I wanted everyone to be able to experience the flavors of biodiversity, of our biomes... And to be able to feel that incredible emotion that I felt when I tasted those native plants for the first time.  

It worked... Hundreds of product tests, hundreds of fairs, thousands of people tasting and approving... And yet, with the wonderful acceptance of renowned chefs and nutrition professionals... With a lot of gratitude, we did it!

Here we are :

Invited to plant, cultivate and create a new chapter in the world of PANC: The A.PlantZ - Plants of A / Z .

Is it a dream we call? Soon everyone will be able to taste PANC, and maybe understand this passion that changed my life :)

The flavors of biodiversity, a new perspective on agriculture, a dream to see that my children's generations will also be able to benefit from a new proposal for food and its relevant possibility for the future.

PANC is not a fast trend. As I always say: They are a movement for better food and better care, for the environment. They represent a healthier, more biodiverse, incredibly tasty and especially nutritious future.

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